"I’m free!" UW Physical Plant Pest Control staff release the accidentally trapped fox kit. Video shot June 12, 2014 by Richard Ness.

Fox and pups. Footage shot by Richard Ness in March 2014. Edited by Steel Wagstaff of Learning Support Services.

In mid-June, one of the foxes found itself caught in a trap set by campus Physical Plant Pest Control staff (along with a racoon!). The fox was unharmed and released safely that same day. Here are some action shots of the perplexed animal just before its release. Photos by Richard Ness.

Fox crossing!

I was leaving campus late one Wednesday night (11:30?) about three weeks ago and saw a fox playing in the green space just east of the WID. As I passed by in my car, I noticed the fox standing on the sidewalk watching traffic (5-6 cars) go by and smiling a foxy grin. When I glanced in the rear view, I saw it cross Johnson Street toward the Union South once all the cars had passed. What a fun end to a long day!